Can students retake a quiz? What happens if students don’t submit before the end date?

Technically, once a quiz is assigned, it cannot be assigned again. This means that students only have one attempt for each quiz. However, you can make a Quiz Concierge request to add a duplicate quiz to your account, which you will be able to assign normally.

Alternatively, if a student submits a quiz before answering all questions, you, as the professor, can request that their quiz score be reset, which will allow the student to retake a quiz. To make this request, submit the form through the Quiz Concierge button on your Connected Quizzing dashboard, or email

When a student’s score is reset, please ensure that the quiz is reopened or active for students to take. You can reopen a closed quiz by clicking into the quiz and clicking the “Reopen Quiz” button. This makes the quiz active for any student that did not yet submit. It does not reopen to students that already submitted the quiz.

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