How do I use the anonymity feature in Connected Quizzing?

What does an anonymous Connected Quizzing class mean?

In an anonymous CQ class, students' first and last name are not displayed to the professor. Instead, the professor will see the students' institution-given identification numbers for each quiz they submit. That means students will be required to enter this ID when they redeem a CQ class code in their CasebookConnect account. If the class is anonymous, students will be prompted to enter their ID before completing the class enrollment in CQ.


How do I make my class anonymous?

As a professor, you can request anonymization for your Connected Quizzing class at the time of signing up or renewing your subscription. Your sales rep will provide you with a Connected Quizzing registration form, on which you will select to anonymize your class. After that, the Quiz Concierge will handle your class setup.

Once your class is set up, your students will be responsible for purchasing Connected Quizzing, redeeming your class code, and entering their identification number.

You can request anonymization after your class is set up as well. Please be aware that, in this case, anonymization will be applied to all previous, current, and future assignments. Students will be prompted to enter their identification number the next time they log in to their CasebookConnect account and click on a Connected Quizzing quiz.


Can I undo anonymization for my class?

Returning to a Connected Quizzing view that displays your students’ names is possible and may require approval from your institution based on different policies that may be in place.

If you’d like to reverse the anonymization of your class, reach out to the Quiz Concierge to request this change. After that, the Concierge will follow up with additional information, if necessary, to connect with your institution's administration to approve and implement the change.

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