What is the Connected Quizzing Welcome Kit?

When you sign up for Connected Quizzing, you will receive a Welcome Kit email from the Quiz Concierge containing the "Professor Note to Students" document, your unique class code, the professor tutorial video, and an invitation for an onboarding call.

The "Professor Note to Students" document provides helpful information you can put in your syllabus that details the various ways students can purchase Connected Quizzing.

Your class code is what students will need after purchasing Connected Quizzing. They will redeem your class code to gain access to your assignments.

The professor tutorial video walks through all features of Connected Quizzing. The Quiz Concierge recommends familiarizing yourself with these features before your onboarding call.

The onboarding call is a screen-sharing, virtual one-on-one with a member of the Quiz Concierge to show you all Connected Quizzing features in action. This is also an ideal time to ask any questions you might have about the product, quizzes, or talk through how Connected Quizzing will work for your class.

If you have questions or need the Welcome Kit resent to you, please contact

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