How do my students access Connected Quizzing?

Students can purchase access to Connected Quizzing through a book bundle or directly.

Book + CQ Bundle Option

As a professor, you can request a unique ISBN, in which the print or digital book for your course will come bundled with an access code for Connected Quizzing. Students can use this option by purchasing the unique ISBN that covers both products. With this option, students will redeem two separate codes—the textbook access code and the Connected Quizzing access code—at

CQ Direct Purchase

If students have already purchased the textbook separately, they can purchase Connected Quizzing directly at This will allow them to log in to or create a account for immediate access.

To learn which information to provide to students, refer to the "Professor Note to Students" document in your Welcome Kit or on the Student Engagement tab in the Connected Quizzing User Guide in your account.

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