What happens for a student when a quiz is assigned?

As an example, you are a professor who chooses to start a quiz immediately. At that time, your students will receive an email notification that a quiz has been assigned. The email will include class details and the end date.

When a student logs in to her account, she will see a red badge on the Connected Quizzing icon, letting her know she has a quiz that she has not yet submitted. When she clicks on Connected Quizzing, the newly assigned quiz will display in dark blue.

If she chooses to start the quiz but finish it at a later time, the quiz button will display in light blue and the red badge will remain on her dashboard until she submits the quiz.

Alternatively, as a professor, you can schedule a quiz to start on a later date, which means students will not receive notification of or gain access to the assigned quiz until the scheduled start date.

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