What do I need to get started with the Connected Quizzing product?

Getting access to Connected Quizzing is quick and easy.

To access the Connected Quizzing product you will need the following:

Connected Quizzing Access

  • The Connected Quizzing access is different than the access associated with your Connected Casebook title. You will need to purchase access to both your Connected Casebook and your Connected Quizzing product.
  • If you purchased your Connected Quizzing product through, you will have immediate access to your product on
  • If you purchased a bundle from your Campus Bookstore, the Connected Quizzing access code will either be provided on an access card shrink-wrapped to your book, OR as a sticker inside the front of the book (but it is not the same sticker/code as the Connected Casebook code that may also appear in the front of your book)
  • You should see the option shown in Figure 1 on your bookshelf when you have access to Connected Quizzing.

Figure 1: Connected Quizzing Bookshelf view.


For support redeeming your Connected Quizzing access code, see this section of the Help Desk.

Connected Quizzing Class Code

  • Your Connected Quizzing class code will be provided by your professor and is required for you to access your professor's quizzes. 
  • You must enter your professor's Connected Quizzing class code into the Class Code field on your bookshelf (shown in Figure 1); you cannot enter that code into the class code area found in the Insights section of your Connected Casebook title. 





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