How do I view the quiz content and recommendations?

Even as an administrator, you can access the quiz content that your students are using in MBE Insights. Navigate to a course’s quizzes from the Quizzes button in the top right navigation menu. Alternatively, from a Course page, click the Quizzes button next to the course name on the top left.


The Quizzes page for administrators looks exactly how a student’s Quizzes page looks in MBE Insights. Select a quiz to view the list of topics covered. Click Take Quiz below the quiz number, which will load the quiz on Themis’s website in a new tab in your browser.


The quiz content you see is exactly the same quiz that students can access. Answering all questions in the quiz will load your quiz results, where you can view the rationales for each question that students can access.


Return to the Quizzes page in MBE Insights by clicking Return to CasebookConnect on the top left of the Themis quiz results page. Alternatively, click back to the CasebookConnect tab open in your browser, then click Refresh Results in the Quiz Details of the quiz you completed.


Now, the Quiz Details will reveal your scores for each topic and skill covered in the quiz. Students see the same charts that correspond to their quiz performance. Below, you will find the recommendations categorized by topic and by skill. Expand to view the recommendations students will also receive, based on their quiz performance.

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