What do the MBE Insights Skills mean?

The skills you see in MBE Insights for each completed quiz and on your Insights page help you to better understand your ability to apply your knowledge of MBE topics. The deeper your knowledge, the better your skill performance will be across all four areas.


A high score in Foundational Concepts means you are able to understand, memorize, and identify key concepts of black-letter law.


Implementation means applying the fundamental concepts learned to specific, factual scenarios.


Problem Solving is the ability to draw appropriate conclusions based on fundamental concepts and legally operative facts, and to justify the chosen outcome when applicable.


Legal Reasoning means determining which fundamental concepts apply to a specific, factual scenario.


If you are struggling in one or more of the skills on a quiz, toggle to the Skill Building tab in the recommendations on your Quiz Details page. Expand a skill to view recommended study aids that will help you effectively develop your skills.

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