What browsers and devices are compatible with

  • Windows 7 and later:
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Chrome
    • Internet Explorer 11
  • Mac El Capitan and later:
    • Safari 9.0 and later
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
  • iPad: Safari and Chrome
  • iPhone 6 and later: Safari and Chrome
  • Android tablets: Chrome
  • Android phones: Chrome

CasebookConnect must be accessed via your device's browser while connected to the Internet. We do not currently have an app or offline option available.

Known issue: Mac OS Yosemite when used with some Safari browser versions can cause the Casebook Connect website to freeze. To unfreeze the website, you must log in from another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. To prevent this problem, we recommend upgrading to the latest version of Safari. If you still experience issues, we recommending upgrading your Mac operating system to a newer version, or use Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Known issue: Chrome browser blocks the Facebook login option on some (but not all) devices.

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