What Are Resource Pages on

Many casebooks and textbooks from Wolters Kluwer include additional online resources selected or created by the authors to accompany your book.

Please note that Additional Resources are not the same as Connected Casebooks. A Connected Casebook includes a full online ebook version of the textbook, an outline tool, and a study center with additional study aid content curated by Wolters Kluwer to accompany your book. Some, but not all, Connected Casebooks will also include Additional Resources created or curated by the author(s) of the casebooks. In this case, you will see links to at the top of your Connected Casebook for READ, STUDY, OUTLINE, CLASS INSIGHTS, and RESOURCES. You will not need an additional access code to get these Additional Resources if you have access to the Connected Casebook. Some Connected Casebooks will not have the additional RESOURCES tab by design.

In addition, some textbooks that are not available as Connected Casebooks will include access to additional online resources at In these cases, when you redeem your access code, you will be able to access the materials in your CasebookConnect account whenever you need them.

Professor Resources

Some Online Resources include materials that only professors may access. If you are a professor and do not see a special Professor Materials area on your Resources page, please click on the settings icon at the top right of the screen and go to My Account. From the My Account page, you will be able to see if you are logged in as a student or professor. If you are logged in as a student, please contact us to change your account to a professor account. Please note that we will verify your professor status before making the change to your account.

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