What is LawClassFeedback?

LawClassFeedback is a revolutionary assessment product from Wolters Kluwer and ExamSoft that provides an easy way to deliver formative assessments in law school courses, allowing professors to know what their students have mastered and, more importantly, what they have not.

Questions Based on Learning Outcomes
Each question is tied to a learning outcome. Questions are written by content experts, all of which are law professors who teach the course.

Student Insight
Upon completion of a quiz, students receive helpful feedback—including a thorough rationale for each answer option and suggested pages to review in their casebook.

Powerful Reporting
Faculty reports help educators gauge class understanding of how their class is performing as a whole, as well as pinpoint where students are struggling. Student reports help them know what topics to review and where to find helpful content in their textbook.


For more information, visit or contact a Wolters Kluwer Sales Representative.

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