Wrong book appears on bookshelf

If you redeemed an access code and a product appears on your Bookshelf other than the one you were expecting, there may be multiple causes.

Lift Program

A number of our titles are offered through the LIFT program, where you get access to an Examples & Explanations study aid in the same course area as your textbook. 

If the book that appears in your bookshelf is an Examples & Explanations, then you purchased a title in the LIFT program (not a Connected Casebook title). Note that this product is complementary to your textbook, and the edition number will not necessarily be the same as your textbook since they are different books. We hope you find the Examples & Explanations to be a helpful resource for your class!



If the scenario above did not address your issue, and you purchased a new book, please submit a request with us and include the following information:

  • The email address you used to set up your account.
  • The ISBN-13, title, and the author of the Connected Casebook you're attempting to redeem.
  • The access code provided with your Connected Casebook.
  • A proof of purchase of the new book
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