Connected Casebook Professor Access and Resources (CasebookConnect.Com)

Requesting Access 

To request a Connected Casebook access code, contact your Sales Representative.

Changing Account Type

If you have access to a student account, please Submit a Request and specify that you need to change your account to a Professor account. Please include your name and email. Please note we will need to verify your status as a professor before updating your account.

Redeeming an Access Code

If you have an access code, follow the instructions below. 

If you have not yet registered at

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your access code in the box provided
  3. Click Register
  4. Follow the steps to complete your registration and verify your email address

Once you have registered at, to redeem additional access codes:

  1. Log into
  2. Navigate to your Bookshelf page by clicking on the CasebookConnect logo
  3. Click the “Redeem Access Code” link
  4. Enter your access code and click “Add Book”

Professor Resources

If you've adopted or are thinking of adopting a Connected Casebook for your class, visit our Professor Resources site to find everything you need to know about the program.

Connected Casebook Professor Resources 

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