Law Simulation Series (LSS Professor Access)


Redeeming Your Law Simulation Series Access Code

  1. Go to and log in or create an account.
  2. Once logged in, select "My Account > Redeem Access Code" from the menu on the top right.
  3. Enter your access code and click "Redeem"
  4. Click the "Access Now" button next to the product that appears below.

TIP: You need only use the access code once. Bookmark to go directly to your simulation in the future. Log in with your email and password from step 1.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you get an error while redeeming your code or trying to login to, try these tips:

  • Error Redeeming Code: On some printed codes, the number 0 looks like the letter O. Try replacing the number with the letter or vice versa. The same applies to the number 1, uppercase letter I, or lowercase letter l.
  • Error Logging In: Your professor account may not have been validated yet. Please Submit a Request and describe the error you are experiencing. Please include the email address you used to register.
  • Can't Remember Your Username/Password: The username and password for will be the same that you used to register at You can use the reset or update password option at if needed.

Still Having Trouble?

Submit a Request and please provide the following:

  • As much of your access code as you can read (if you are experiencing an error while redeeming the access code).
  • The website where you are experiencing the issue
  • The email address you used to register
  • A description of the problem you are having


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