Aspen Video Series (Professor Access)

  1. Go to and log in or create an account.
  2. Once logged in, select “My Account > Redeem an Access Code” from the menu on the top right.
  3. Enter your access code and click “Submit.” You will be taken to your Order History.
  4. Click the “Access” button next to the video product and you will be taken to the video website.
  5. Click “Continue” to go to My Video Library.
  6. Click on "view" to launch the video.

Tip: You need only use the access code once. Bookmark the video website at to go directly to your videos in the future. Log in with your email and password from Step 1.

Scratch off problems:

  1. My access code is obscured by a silver coating.
    The silver coating is a scratch off coating. Gently scratch it off with a coin or a key to reveal your access code.
  2. While trying to scratch off the coating to reveal my access code, part of the code came off and I can no longer read it. What should I do?
    Contact us with a description of the problem. We will issue you a replacement access code.


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