Who Is my sales representative?

Use the territory table below to match your state to the appropriate sales rep.

Rep Contact Information:

Rep Name Email Address Phone
Brooke Goerman 859-206-0835
Candas Fletcher 562-889-4453
Deb Van Patten 603-431-3331
Erin Lang 407-920-4618
Hollis Sherman 302-803-1311
Karen Welty 214-734-3400
Kimberly Sue 336-210-7167
Marilyn Jacoby 206-678-2437
Stacie Goosman 815-307-3705


Rep Territories:

State Rep
Alabama Erin Lang
Alaska Marilyn Jacoby
Arizona Candas Fletcher
Arkansas Karen Welty
California (Northern) Marilyn Jacoby
California (Southern) Candas Fletcher
Colorado Marilyn Jacoby
Connecticut Deb Van Patten
Delaware Hollis Sherman
Florida Erin Lang
Georgia Erin Lang
Hawaii Marilyn Jacoby
Idaho Marilyn Jacoby
Illinois Stacie Goosman
Indiana Brooke Goerman
Iowa Stacie Goosman
Kansas Stacie Goosman
Kentucky Brooke Goerman
Louisiana Karen Welty
Maine Deb Van Patten
Maryland Kimberly Sue
Massachusetts Deb Van Patten
Michigan Brooke Goerman
Minnesota Stacie Goosman
Mississippi Karen Welty
Missouri Karen Welty
Montana Marilyn Jacoby
Nebraska Stacie Goosman
Nevada Candas Fletcher
New Hampshire Deb Van Patten
New Jersey Hollis Sherman
New Mexico Candas Fletcher
New York (except NYC) Deb Van Patten
New York City area Hollis Sherman
North Carolina Kimberly Sue
North Dakota Stacie Goosman
Ohio Brooke Goerman
Oklahoma Karen Welty
Oregon Marilyn Jacoby
Pennsylvania Hollis Sherman
Rhode Island Deb Van Patten
South Carolina Erin Lang
South Dakota Stacie Goosman
Tennessee Brooke Goerman
Texas Karen Welty
Utah Candas Fletcher
Vermont Deb Van Patten
Virginia Kimberly Sue
Washington Marilyn Jacoby
Washington, D.C. Kimberly Sue
West Virginia Kimberly Sue
Wisconsin Stacie Goosman
Wyoming Marilyn Jacoby


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