Problems with your purchase

If you experience an error while purchasing a product on that prevents you from completing the checkout process, there may be steps you can take to resolve the issue before contacting customer service.

Examples of such errors may include (but are not limited to):

  • Duplicate detected: transaction may have been processed.
  • 104 Unknown error code.
  • Order balance has changed. Please review and update payment information.

Please try the following steps before contacting customer service:

  1. Remove all products from your cart
  2. Sign out of your account
  3. Close the web browser
  4. Re-open the web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari are preferred)
  5. Sign back in to your account
  6. Add the product back to your cart and begin the check-out process again, making sure that the billing address is a valid address and matches the billing address of the credit card being used.

If you continue to experience a problem with your purchase, please contact us with your order details and a description of the problem.

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